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Since I’m co-organizing a meetup soon, I have been thinking about RSVPs. My event posts support indieweb RSVPs, but I would like to make it easier for a wider audience. One thought I had: since I am using Bridgy to send public Twitter replies back to my site, I could do some basic text parsing and replies starting with “rsvp yes” or “rsvp no” would display on the event accordingly. On Twitter this might look like:

Join us December 11, 2019 for Homebrew Website Club San Diego!

Event details:

RSVP by replying to this tweet “rsvp yes” or “rsvp no”

Cons: Follow-up replies to change (or remove) an RSVP would require matching up Twitter profiles. It could also be open to spam, though I’d like to try it for a while and see. I could always display a count of Twitter RSVPs instead of links back to their profiles.

Another option could be to set up a one-time password system where people would enter their email, get a unique login link sent to them, then select their RSVP and whether they want it to appear publicly. As I think about it, I am leaning more towards this option, but I might experiment with both ideas.

For some more details about event and RSVP posts, check out Jamie’s post, “Ditching Event Platforms for the IndieWeb.”

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