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This is XLIII.

Ok, a minor cheat. This is from like two weeks ago, but I liked it.

I’ve been at Mommer’s for the holiday and we’ve been going through some photos. I haven’t seen some of these in 20+ years, so I thought it would be fun to share gRegor through the years:

me wearing green oval sunglasses

2. In case you were wondering if I was just as cool back in high school ... yes.

This was one of my high school senior photos.

me posing next to a globe with my hand over the top of it

3. Everybody wants to (evangelize) the world.

An outtake from my senior photos that didn’t make the cut for some reason, hahaha. I was really zealous about Christian short-term mission trips back then.

me kneeling next to our dog

4. Young Greg (I didn’t even use an -or back then) with our Pomeranian, Teddy Bear.

me as a bébé

5. I’m bébé. Mommer tells me I was enjoying blueberries.


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Happy Birthday, little g, big R, gRegor!!

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Happy Birthday!

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@asandersonsister I’m already packed! The Smith’s are heading to CA! How soon is now? 😂

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Happy Birthday, gRegor!!

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Oh, my heart. 💜