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Another funny work story

Holy Moley people are funny sometimes. Wow.

So I'm working today at IUPUI's off-campus location in Glendale mall. We have 10 computers here open to the public, although students obviously get priority. Because of this, we have a sign in sheet. This way, if all the computers are being used, we can politely ask the non-students (who've been using them for hours) to forfeit their computer if a student needs one. This rarely happens, so the whole sign in sheet is more of a formality than anything.

Some people don't even know about the sign in sheet. This makes sense because 1) students are used to the other labs on campus where you don't have to sign in 2) we don't make a big deal of stopping everyone that comes in to sign it. Most guests already know, and we're satisfied with that.

Well today this one lady (we'll call her "Mad Woman") walks up to the sign-in sheet and kind of mumbles something. I ask "what?" and she continued mumbling. Then another woman (we'll call her "Nice Woman") walks up behind her and asks me "how long have you had to sign in?", which seemed like an odd question.. I was still trying to understand Mad Woman. I answered "well, as long as I've been here" (a couple years).

At this point Mad Woman starts speaking normally and is rather angry. She said something about signing in, then asked me if the other computers are working. So I told her that yes, they're all working [all 10 work fine, just some of them the blank "screensaver" is on]. An important note right here: There are TWO computers available for use at the moment.

This was all happening so fast I hadn't really comprehended that Mad Woman was mad because Nice Woman just walked past her w/o waiting to sign in. I knew she was uppity about something, but I guess I just hadn't fully connected it between these two. So I continued and basically said it like it is regarding the sign-in sheet, to Nice Woman: "Well it's not that big a deal, really" (because hey, it's not)

Mad Woman snaps at me and says "don't tell her that", which surprised me. That's when I realized this woman was really ticked. Nice woman says she didn't know about the sign-in and she'll let Mad Woman use the computer. I don't remember everything Mad Woman said at this point, but I remember her looking right at Nice Woman and saying she was rude and should have learned the rules. Then Mad Woman stormed off. Mad Woman wasn't very quiet, so the 8 other people using computers were pretty much just staring in awe at the scene. Nice Woman, correctly, said "somebody had a bad day". I think Mad Woman heard it, but she thankfully didn't come back or say anything, else I might have had to call the cops. Heh heh.

Again, there were TWO computers available. Like signing in was an issue, they BOTH could have used the computers w/ no problems. Nice Woman was a student, and Mad Woman I'm guessing isn't.. so Nice Woman had the priority anyway.

It was just too funny.

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ShyN ShyN
Wow.... You should be careful man. Mad woman may return on a date yet to be determined, and who knows what state of mind she may be in. Anyhow I'm not sure if this was supposed to be a funny story or not, but I was crack'n up.

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