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Can you beweive it?

I was listening to NPR on my way into school today and was quite surprised to hear there was going to be a segment about the latest Quiznos TV ads (and their wacky animations), as well as the increasing popularity of online animations. “..and find out who exactly this Strongbad person is..” said the teaser before the commercial.

“Whoa, cool!” I thought.

So yeah, they had a whole segment featuring a couple online animations, including playing a couple soundbites of Strongbad. The guest talking about all these animations said that he believes the HomestarRunner guys have been contacted by Cartoon Network about making a syndicated cartoon. That could be pretty cool.

If you want to listen to it, it's archived here, along with several links to other popular online animations.

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g_wyn g_wyn
that'd be so rad!

ali ali
ha, that is cool. i love npr :)

Kt Kt
so stinkin hilarious. but absolutely fabulous that two wonderful things, NPR and should coincide. brilliant, brilliant i say!

Kathy Kathy
That's awesome... you know... when I vote for president in november... I'm gonna write in Strongbad

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