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Don't Panic

I had nearly forgotten about this (well, it was stored away in the back of my mind somewhere) until Sheryl reminded me today...

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: The Movie.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Concept Art

I read a while ago they were making a movie, but didn't know there is now a teaser trailer available. Now, it's a teaser so no there isn't much to it, but I was still excited to see it, as well as a release date (May 6, 2005). Check it out over at if you want.

I think I'm more excited about this movie than Episode III, and I'm pretty excited about that, so yeah. For those who aren't Star Wars fans (you weirdos...) or who have been disenfranchised with the prequels, don't let this comparison keep you from checking out Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - particularly if you don't know anything about it - seriously, it's a totally different, totally funny, and totally awesome story.

I'll leave you with this funny chat snippet. AIM name changed to protect the “ innocent ”. We'll just say her name rhymes with, uh... Fawna.

rhymes with fawna: so gregor .

rhymes with fawna: we haven't talked in a while .

rhymes with fawna: you get to quit sex ed when ?

rhymes with fawna: sldfjlsadfj

rhymes with fawna: FED EX*

rhymes with fawna: omggggggggggggggg .


rhymes with fawna: omg omg .ggg.

gRegorThe1: you just got yourself weblogged.

rhymes with fawna: omgggg

gRegorThe1: hahahahaha

rhymes with fawna: i have the WORST TYPOS !

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rhymes with barrel rhymes with barrel
That's so awesome... Shawna rocks! Oops, I mean... “rhymes with fawna”... hehe.

gwyneth gwyneth
haha, that's hilarious.

shauna shauna
ohjeeze .
hahahahah .
i'm so bad.
but that was so funny. :D

rhymes with sleeves tree cows and rhymes with sleeves tree cows and
Heh heh. I too... am one very excited earthling, concerning the Hitchhiker's Guide movie. Very cool. And Warwick Davis as Marvin? Heh heh. It'll be rad.

the spheric1 the spheric1
that is classic!

hehehe... That looks cool and btw, that is the most intentional typo I have ever seen!

rhymes with god & has the same # letters rhymes with god & has the same # letters
yes that is lovely! now why don't you go swing from a tree you semi evolved simian:)

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