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A Good Weekend

I had a good, interesting weekend. I spent most of it with people I don't hang out with on a regular basis, which was a nice change-up. Friday night I met/hung out with Amy and her friend Jennie at Marian college. Since they have OCD (Obsessive Collage Disorder), we went to Half Price Books so they could buy some magazines for collage-making, and then we watched High Fidelity, which is a great movie. Jennie hadn't seen it at all, and Amy had only seen pieces of it.

Saturday night I went to P.F. Chang's in part to hang out with my former roommate Alan (who was in town for the weekend), and in part to celebrate Sheryl's new jorb. There were several people there: Kevin, Angie, Tom, Chris, Seren, Scott, Alan, and Sheryl. I had never been there before; it was quite good. After dinner we went to Angie's and played Fluxx which is a pretty fun card game; it's sorta like Mao, but not quite as crazy.

Sunday morning after church I got to catch up with Chris Elliott - who is a good friend going back to youth group days, and is now the youth leader at Bread of Life. It was cool because he pretty randomly said, “I don't know where you're at or if you have the time, but if you'd like to help out with the youth group, I'd love to have you.” Youth ministry has been a passion of mine for years, although it's been on the back burner since I've been going to school and working for several years. Since school is finally approaching an end, I've been thinking more about the future and life in general; I just recently had a passing thought about helping out with BOL's youth ministry somehow. So I'm going to pray about that and probably get together with him sometime to talk about it some more. It'd be cool to work with him again on something like that (we started Frontline back in the day), we both have pretty big visions for youth ministry and work well together. We'll see what God has in store.

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Jennie Jennie
Gregor, you should really catch on the OCD craze, and make boxes with us. You know you wanna!!

Sheryl Sheryl
Sounds like a good weekend... you got to see me twice. ;-) Haha. But seriously, it would be cool if you started working w/ Chris again. I've enjoyed seeing you around BOL more often.

Brooke Brooke
never seen Young frankenstein. funny quote. I'll add to my list of movies to watch. good A-F joke- cell phones were created by Satan and they contain the mark of the beast, so you are wise not to own one. I turned to the dark side when I moved to the ghetto.

Amy Amy
I am proud of you for mentioning Jennie and I without making fun of us.
esspecially because you happened to have left out the tiny part of that evening when I ran to my room crying because you were calling me names so mean I dare not repeat them.
But I forgive you because you are such hot stuff.

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