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I've tweaked my site a bit. In the sidebar you'll notice I've added “shall we chat?”, a simple module that lets you chat with me on IM. It doesn't require any account, just select a name for yourself and say hello (if it says I'm online, of course). I've also put “add to” links at the bottom of my posts so you can socially bookmark them. You do use, right?

PS - I'm still getting hits on my xanga rss feed. If you're a subscriber to that, you should use this feed instead.

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Bryan Bryan
You have a really good looking site. I really like the design. The one thing is the one, two, three, four on top should be renamed. Great site though man, keep up the good work!

BTW, found this through technorati. I might stop back and check your techy/pc geek news.

Sheba Sheba
Wow, techy site, lots of cool toys on here, but i dont see your chat with me thing. How did you do it, and where is it.

Thanks for visiting my site.

The chat should show up in the right-hand column of the weblog - beneath the calendar and tags sections It requires Flash, so if you don't have that plugin or are blocking it, it might not show up. It's a free chat service from; you can embed them in about any site including Myspace and Xanga.

Oh, if you're reading via Xanga, it should be noted that the chat only shows up on currently. I just cross-post to Xanga.

Jonny Boy Jonny Boy
I will have to check that documentary out. His story sounds very interesting.

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