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There's Too Much Riding on That

Continuing the music challenge:

Day 4: A Song from the Last Album/CD/Cassette I Bought with My Own Money:

I think the first Sufjan Stevens song that I heard was “Chicago” and it captured my interest immediately. (This was years ago, before I had even thought about moving here.) I got the Illinois album and fell in love with the folksy tunes. I was impressed with the dedication/creativity it took to write an album all about a single state. I saw him perform a couple years later and was equally impressed.

Last year when I heard that his upcoming album Age of Adz would be more electronic, I was pretty excited to see what he would come up with. Then I forgot about it for a while. I just recently remembered and finally bought the album. It's quite different, but I like it. I loved his performance of “Too Much” on Jimmy Fallon last November, but unfortunately cannot find a working version online. I did find this live video from Sydney, though. Enjoy!

Update 2018-02-21: Sydney Opera House had the live video taken down due to copyright. I've added the Jimmy Fallon performance below.

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