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Little-Known IKEA Fact

Believe it or not, it is apparently possible to leave IKEA without buying anything. I went along with Jenn yesterday since she was looking at getting a new desk. Somehow, I did not know about the “as-is” section before. I was tempted by one of the chairs in there. It was $95, but I chose to be responsible and not impulse-buy.

I saw Ender's Game this afternoon and really liked it. I think they did a good job capturing the book on the big screen. I'm looking forward to seeing Thor next.

This weekend was quite nice. It ended up being pretty relaxing after a stressful week. Temperatures were in the 50s yesterday and it was clear skies both days. There's still a lot of colorful leaves on the trees, too. It was good to get out of the apartment — and out of the city — for a bit. Snow will be here soon, so gotta enjoy this while I can.

Oh, I apparently forgot to blog yesterday. I was distracted by a cute girl. Blasted feminine wiles.

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Amandica Amandica

Ricky Potts Ricky Potts
IKEA is pretty great.

Jared Jared
I've never been to IKEA. It is an adventure that still waits on my bucket list. I've tried going with my older sister but that didn't happen for me.

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