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Thirteen Things I Did in 2013

I. Started the year with champagne, Mario Kart, and swearing (see: Mario Kart) with Chris and Erica.

II. Went to South by Southwest music festival for the first time.

III. Took a last-minute road trip to Grand Rapids just for fun.

IV. Started talking to a girl on Ughbook. Told her that I liked her. Picked my jaw off the floor when said girl responded that she liked me too.

V. Went on a real, live date with Amanda and we decided to keep dating.

VI. Participated in 30 Days of Creativity again.

VII. Went to more great concerts (aside from SXSW): Sixpence None the Richer, Sigur Rós, Glen Hansard, Haim, Jimmy Eat World, Over the Rhine, Bastille, Daughter, Frank Turner

VIII. Visited good friends in California, including a scenic road trip from southern California to San Francisco.

IX. Met several more internet friends in real life: @niclake, @tomfromHR, @laurentheanimal, @thursdayschild, @SweeneySays

X. Introduced Amanda to my mom and many friends (including Giordano's) when she visited. Despite being potentially overwhelming, she liked everyone and vice versa.

XI. Got the first album Five Iron Frenzy has released in 10 years and was reminded why they are one of my favorite bands.

XII. Visited my dad in the Florida Keys for Thanksgiving.

XIII. Ended the year in Austin with Amanda, conveniently missing the polar vortex extravaganza.

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Nic Lake

Nic Lake

Point IX: (y)



What a great year! Love it!

Cora Lynn Cardoni

Cora Lynn Cardoni

Where have I been? Stupid Google reader not being a thing anymore! You have a girlfriend! She sounds awesome. (:



Congrats on such a great year, full of so many roman numerals!

Sheryl Hugill

Sheryl Hugill

Haha. I accidentally liked Cora's comment instead of the post. But... I like her comment too, so I'm leaving it. :)



Sounds like a solidly impressive year! I'm glad I got to meet your life face.

Here's to an equally impressive 2014 :)

battlestar amandica

battlestar amandica


You're cute.

gRegor Morrill

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