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Phone Calls with Mommer

I just had a good phone call with my mom, aka Mommer. I asked her what I should write about and she said I could tell you that she’s going to Israel next year. I’m excited for her. We also talked about ear crystals which I guess is actually a thing?? She said I could write about that, too. I told her that I already moved to southern California and if I start writing about crystals now, it might be too cliché.

Tomorrow I’m making green bean casserole for a friendsgiving party in the evening. It’s super easy but so good. I also introduced Mommer to the term “friendsgiving.”

We talked about spam phone calls and why it’s so easy for them to spoof the calling number (props to the Reply All episode on that). That led us down the trail of how many people in my generation and younger prefer text messages over phone calls. That finally led to me describing the “please excuse me while I search for a new psychiatrist” meme. It’s fun filling her in on the weird parts of the internet.

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