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A few more things you can do on your personal website

James wrote a list of 100(-ish) things you can do on your personal website and here are a few more!

  1. Set up a wife application. This was one of the ideas that got me to register this domain back in… checks notes 1999?! 👴 The wife application has been offline for several years now, but here is an archive. Maybe I should bring it back.
  2. Set up nerdy easter eggs. Notice how the address of this page has 2024 in it? is an archive of my posts from this year. I wonder what happens if you try to browse to the future and click a certain word on the resulting page.
  3. Share one of your favorite jokes like Bob and Nate, the tap-dancing snake — to the delight of everyone, with absolutely no groans.
  4. Set up exeggstra nerdy easter eggs. A bit of context for this one: When you load a website, it returns a status code to your browser. 404 is one most people are probably familiar with, meaning “page not found.” There are a bunch of them in the 200-500 range with various meanings. As part of an IndieWeb joke years ago, we said that status code 309 should be returned if the link ends with /8675 (combined, 867-5309 might ring a bell, but if not, don’t change your number). I took it a step further and also displayed a picture of Jenny from Forrest Gump:

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