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Document Your Art (and Puns)

I was reminded of the Valentine’s Day card project I did years ago. It’s hard to believe that was 12 years ago. I’m glad I wrote about it and took a photo of the envelopes, but I apparently neglected to take photos of the cards I drew! That’s a bummer. If you received one and happen to have it around somewhere (I have no high hopes 😂), I’d love to see a photo to refresh my memory.

There weren’t any Internet Archive snapshots of the request form, so I had to dig through some code to find the options:

Options for your card:

[ ] …ladies
[ ] Extra …ladies
[ ] Doctor Who reference
[ ] Puns
[ ] Hearts
[ ] Skulls
[ ] Unicorns
[ ] Surprise me!
[ ] Other (please specify)

Some context: The “…ladies” is a borrowed bit from Demetri Martin’s comedy. I used to use that one quite a bit. I still do occasionally, like when I join a new social network.

I’m no great artist, but it was a fun, creative project. Perhaps if I remember early enough, I’ll try it again for next Valentine’s, or maybe Christmas. Ooh! Or maybe for Groundhog Day.

Moral of the story: document your art and your puns.

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