@atmlutter It was great meeting you this weekend! I didn't realize until last night that you were from Toronto. Maybe you and @jackjamieson could start up a Toronto #indieweb meetup? :)

round, yellow canola field with a sliver that looks like a mouth

Pac-Man is eating houses in Montana.

I'm told this is a canola field. Taken as I was flying in to Kalispell.

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Hi, Jeannie! I wanted to echo Manton that you don't need to be a developer but having a co-organizer definitely helps. It's all about getting together to learn and help each other; don't have to be an expert!

You might reach out to @jonathanprozzi on Twitter who used to co-organize Baltimore.

Want to read: Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver (ISBN 9780062124265)

Hello, IndieWeb Summit 2019. This is a top secret note!

Trying to follow Malcolm's IndieWeb Planet.

Here is the playlist I made for IndieWeb Summit 2019:

  1. “Awake”, Tycho
  2. “Me the Machine”, Imogen Heap
  3. “Shout”, Scandroid
  4. “Computer Love”, Kraftwerk
  5. “Light On”, Maggie Rogers
  6. “Joy Rides”, MUTEMATH
  7. “A Praise Chorus”, Jimmy Eat World
  8. “Never Ending Circles”, CHVRCHES
  9. “I Really Like You”, Carly Rae Jepsen
  10. “Interweb”, Poppy Computer
  11. “Laugh It Off”, Chelsea Jade
  12. “Of the Night”, Bastille
  13. “The Grid (Remixed by the Crystal Method)”, Daft Punk

Edit: you can listen to this playlist on YouTube Music. No subscription necessary, though you will hear some ads between songs.

Tantek asked me to prepare a music playlist for the morning of IndieWeb Summit 2019. Reply here if you have any suggestions and I'll consider it (but no guarantees)!

Thorne Melcher Thorne Melcher on twitter.com:
Remember that time when Ben Shapiro went on a serious British conservative show, and he got angry with the host and stormed out when the host pushed back against his ideas?

Good times.

Yes. It was a ray of sunshine in dark times.

Nico del Castillo Nico del Castillo on twitter.com:
Americans: Do you really not know the difference between Britain and England?

Britain is great. England is just okay.

The United States is operating concentration camps.

No, that is not hyperbole. No, that does not water down the term. I recommend this article about the history of concentration camps: https://www.nybooks.com/daily/2019/06/21/some-suburb-of-hell-americas-new-concentration-camp-system/

I have been really disheartened this week. I am trying not to get bogged down, though, and to do something productive to help. Here are some ideas:

Kevin Marks Kevin Marks on twitter.com:
https://indiewebify.me/ has a "send mentions" ui too (scroll down a bit)

Though YMMV with that - people have run into some 500 errors. I think we are moving away from that on indiewebify.me in favor of using Telegraph (and maybe webmention.app, too!)

Tantek Çelik Tantek Çelik on tantek.com:
@imogenheap nice meeting you @MozSF & thanks @brianbehlendorf for introducing us!
Appreciated Creative Passport focus on empowering makers — we’re hosting IndieWeb Summit @MozPDX June 29-30 https://2019.indieweb.org/summit for independent creators of all kinds!


stop sign with an up arrow pointing at a jacaranda tree, against a blue sky

Stop and smell the jacaranda trees

Currently reading: The Gospel of Inclusion by Brandan J Robertson (ISBN 9781532676093)