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@joeld Is “Re: The Grid Life” an example? Nice work.

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@solarpowerspork Nothing up here yet, either, despite ominous clouds and lots of wind. I want my money back.

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@tomfromhr “23” by Jimmy Eat World. But Praise Chorus is indeed up there.

Join us for Homebrew Website Club next Wednesday! cc @pitchdesign @marihuertas @dentonjacobs

Also, happy birthday, @JTSchmackers!

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@potatothingz Potatoer.

Facebook-style filtering coming to Twitter? Sounds like a death knell for Twitter.

Happy birthday, @Rachelskirts!

@schnarfed Testy McTest 2: Electric Boogaloo

@schnarfed Testy McTest

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@laurentheanimal I think you have me confused with @purekatherine. :)

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@bicyclepunk @TRAVi5TY Who the hell is Greg? I think you mean this guy.

Never gonna RT @TRAVi5TY give you up

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I’m a few episodes in and loving it so far.

New favorite subreddit: h/t @kyle_wm

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Tangent: I have recently been thinking about how I could track reading updates on my site and cross-post to Goodreads. Might be the first quantified self thing I implement.

cc: Ryan Barrett

In this instance, aaron_atkins was ultimately suspended — a victim must have reported them. @Twitter should still review all reports though.

.@Twitter does not review abuse reports unless you're the direct victim or can legally represent the victim. This is ridiculous.

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@pitchdesign Woo! @marcymarcy said if you didn't I should tell you she said "murr murr" or something. :]