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Yeah, but this one was hilarious. Alan Tudyk, FTW.

Guess who's going to Alaska next month.


. . . ladies.

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So has anyone made 2048 Dots yet?

I'm now sending webmentions from my notes automatically. Thanks to Emma for the regular expression that made extracting URLs quite easy.

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That worked smoothly. Now let's try an in-reply-to URL.

If all goes well, this should send a webmention to myself.

Gorgeous quantified self site:

Well, shoot. I forgot @fiveironfrenzy was playing Chicago tonight.

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Yuck. Try not to melt out there.

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♫ “Everybody’s working for the weekend”

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Just a heads up: we moved the Homebrew Website Club meetup this week to Panera Bread around the corner. There's more room and they're less busy.

Panera Bread, 2 N. Michigan Ave.

No, YOU got on a purple line train instead of a brown line train.


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@marcoarment I've been participating in @indiewebcamp and working towards better decentralized communication via #webmention.

Sad to hear of the passing of @chloeweil :( Only knew her online, but she seemed awesome.

::internet hugs::

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Congratulations! Here, have a webmention. :]

@marcymarcy Might want to talk to you in the near future about Homebrew Website Club meetups @ The Living Room.

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@dentonjacobs Awesome! Look forward to meeting you there.