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What happened to the website you created for it?

Almost forgot this proposed specification:

The class h-peep is a root class name that indicates the presence of a marshmallow chick.

p-name: The name of the marshmallow chick.
p-color: The color of the marshmallow chick.
p-location: The location of the marshmallow chick. e.g. "package" or "mah belly."

Lost: Yellow Peep answering to Edward.


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@CircleCityStyle And the album is out now!

Oh, hello, new La Roux.


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@BeckaFranck Benedict's face, you mean? :)

The Imitation Game looks fantastic.

TIL that ā€œMillenialsā€ is another name for Generation Y. For some reason I thought it was the one after Generation Y.

I enjoyed catching up on the #indiewebcamp chat logs tonight and the discussion of an indieweb replacement for Twitter search. I like that there can be spirited disagreement, but it remains friendly and sometimes humorous.

To that end, I particularly enjoyed this exchange:

# <snarfed> oh god i hope i didn't propose a search solution

# <GWG> snarfed: No, a real time publishing notification protocol

# <snarfed> oh god i hope i didn't propose a real time publishing notification protocol

One day @macleaney will have a band named Gazebophobia.

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Yeah, but this one was hilarious. Alan Tudyk, FTW.

Guess who's going to Alaska next month.


. . . ladies.

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So has anyone made 2048 Dots yet?

I'm now sending webmentions from my notes automatically. Thanks to Emma for the regular expression that made extracting URLs quite easy.

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That worked smoothly. Now let's try an in-reply-to URL.

If all goes well, this should send a webmention to myself.

Gorgeous quantified self site:

Well, shoot. I forgot @fiveironfrenzy was playing Chicago tonight.

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Yuck. Try not to melt out there.