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Congratulations! Here, have a webmention. :]

@marcymarcy Might want to talk to you in the near future about Homebrew Website Club meetups @ The Living Room.

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@dentonjacobs Awesome! Look forward to meeting you there.

“There's no such thing as normal; everybody's weird.”

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Welcome aboard!

Note to self: Watch Generation Like.

foreach ( hours_until_Portland )
	excitement = excitement * 2;
	productivity = productivity / 2;

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@girlvsplanet: I'm sure they'll play one or three hometown shows after that tour. :) Pretty sure they did with the Clarity anniversary tour.

Ann Coulter is still a thing?

Tickets acquired for Jimmy Eat World’s Futures 10 year anniversary tour!

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Yes! Looking forward to meeting everyone at IndieWebCamp 2014.

Joomla: We make WordPress look good.

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This is looking great! I'm leaving this comment on the same fragmention as Ryan just to see if anything blows up. :]

This is my first note.

There are many like it on the indieweb, but this one is mine.

Federated comment thread. This is pretty rad.

is: happy for the first snow of the winter.

is: looking forward to Bazbeaux Pizza tomorrow, and some rock 'n roll afterwards.

is: really really - really - ridiculously good-looking.

is: going to Chicago to see Shiny Toy Guns and Mute Math. And you're jealous.

is: so hot right now.