♫ “The saints came marching in this morning and they marched back out the door wholly offended, no pun intended” — @SteveTaylorTPF “Comedian”

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@indiana_mama I'm on par for 12 out of 30, but my page count should be more than last year. 30 is really ambitious for me, anyway. @Skirts

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@Skirts Ah, right. Think it has to go back on Currently Reading and then marked as finished. @indiana_mama

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@indiana_mama I'm trying to finish ~500 pages in 1Q84 by the new year, so probably January for me. I can catch up though. @Skirts

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@indiana_mama I count re-reads. Goodreads has a field for number of times read, too. @Skirts

Twitter is making me hungry right now.

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@jdragz IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! @indiana_mama @Skirts

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@indiana_mama Yeah, @jdragz. And while you're there, I'm going to need all of them in hardback. @Skirts

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@Skirts @indiana_mama I would get behind this. I have been wanting to re-read them, too.

So #FeministHackerBarbie is awesome. http://www.themarysue.com/barbie-remix/ cc: @girlvsplanet

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@girlvsplanet I solved a puzzle one in Bellingham, but then couldn't find it at the coordinates. Frustrating.

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@pitchdesign Wormhole at 7pm it is!

@eea I heard LA got below 60 degrees and I just want to check that you're OK.

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@laurentheanimal Decaf.

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@pitchdesign I'm thinking Wormhole Coffee. Just double-checking with @kartik_prabhu

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@marcymarcy Love Native Foods but they don't have wifi. Any recommendations for nearby places open until 8 with wifi? @pitchdesign

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@marcymarcy Marrrrrcyyyyy! It's ok. :] @pitchdesign

@pitchdesign We won't be at Native Foods, but will you be able to make it to Homebrew Website Club tonight? :] http://indiewebcamp.com/events/2014-11-19-homebrew-website-club

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@thursdayschild Yes. The first rule of Old Man Fight Club is—zzzzzzzz

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@Skirts How goes the plan to move into Chicago and get a more awesome jorb?