@donaldmiller #StorylineConf has been great, but definitely need bigger type on some of these slides. :)

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@thursdayschild Oh, you've been dubbed, spuddy.

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@thursdayschild Might not have planned that out too well, but whatever. I am iRon Love.

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@thursdayschild I'm off all week, spuddy. Though for a conference Thursday and Friday.

Home sweet home. Feeling just a bit sore and tired. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

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@thursdayschild @tomfromhr Potato it out, you two.

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@MsSwank Wut? @girlvsplanet @indiana_mama @codatory

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@jdragz Shh. I haven't announced my startup yet. @indiana_mama @girlvsplanet @codatory @MsSwank @RagzDoll13 @planetvoss

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@canta_amor Thanks!

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@indiana_mama Maybe your butt. @girlvsplanet @codatory @MsSwank @jdragz @RagzDoll13 @planetvoss

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@SistaCrumpet Thanks!

@girlvsplanet @indiana_mama @codatory @MsSwank My only plans so far are First Friday. Maybe a FB event would be better to coordinate something.

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@indiana_mama Pretty sure you did. :] Actually I thought you said late-night SnS. Either/or/any. Nom nom. @girlvsplanet @codatory

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@girlfrmmars Thanks, gee-FM!

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@girlvsplanet I think @codatory should have a game night on the 8th. :] When do you get back @indiana_mama?

Pacemaker update: It is time to replace the battery in my pacemaker. I will be having it replaced tomorrow, October 29th, at 8am Central. It is a pretty routine outpatient surgery; they tell me I will be able to go home within 4-5 hours, so I will be home in the afternoon. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

@SpiffyPop How does it feel to be XXX?

Happy belated birthday, @SpiffyPop!

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@paulwhit Why base64-encode an MD5 hash?

"They said I could become anything. So I became a pizza." #winetoreach