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Eek. That sucks. We’ll see you once things settle down. :)

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@jtfirewalker Nah, more like: disarming.

To protect the officer’s safety, police won’t yet name Brown’s murderer. I bet he’d be safe in a jail cell. #Ferguson

Gun control, but for the cops.

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@girlvsplanet Aye, love them both.

Watching The Birdcage.

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@girlvsplanet BECAUSE I LIVE HERE.

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@girlvsplanet That was/is my reaction, too. @skirts

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Sweet. And tots > totes.

Testing cross-posting potatoes from my own site, without a link back. #indieweb

Testing cross-posting potatoes from my own site, with a link back. #indieweb

@potatothingz Are you getting the new Potatolands?

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Writes a movie, then takes a screenwriting class.

Scene 1, Act 1

The door was propped open as he entered La Amistad.

“Three for outside, please.” he said.

Then, as he turned around to walk outside, the door decided to un-prop itself and attacked the side of his head.

Another day, another Nobel Peace Prize winner bombing a country.

Cardiologist appointment went well. I still have a heart!

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Cool. Not a problem if you need to cut out early. :)

Believe Me looks good.

Join us for Homebrew Website Club next Wednesday! cc @pitchdesign @marihuertas

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Awesome! I just set up a Facebook event to help spread the word, too.