Cardiologist appointment tomorrow at 2PM to find out about replacing the pacemaker. #bionicsupgradetime

“I’m battle dancing unicorns with glitter”

Detainees at Gitmo are still force-fed when they go on hunger strike. This is torture. It is not past tense.


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What do you think I have now? :)

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I suspect it would be like, “Aww, it's like Charlott—oh shit it's coming closer killitKILLITKILLIT!”

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I thought you liked my geekery! That's about as geekery-y as it gets! Harumph.

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That's like a Wes Anderson donut song.

Looks like it might be time to replace the pacemaker. #bionicsupgradetime

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@pitchdesign We might consider meeting later than 6:30PM if that works better for people.

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@pitchdesign No, but it's every two weeks on Wednesday evening; next one is 8/13. also lists the next meeting.

Leaving this here for later reading: In 2000, Mark Driscoll ranted online under the name William Wallace. He admits to posting under this name in his book, Confessions of a Reformission Rev.

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A productive day for me with #indiewebcamp's chat bot:

# <gRegor`> what is love?

# <Loqi> "baby don't hurt me . . . " ♫

@pitchdesign @marihuertas @dentonjacobs Hope to see you at Homebrew Website Club this Wednesday!

Join us for Homebrew Website Club at our new location this Wednesday!

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this Walmart.” #sponsoredhistory

Boston Snapple Tea Party #sponsoredhistory

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Your choice of the word “provoke” was atrocious, then. It very clearly IMPLIES blame.

I really wish there were more areiclts like this on the web.

Good jorb, spammers.

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Welcome back! The new layout is looking great.