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Congratulations! Here, have a webmention. :]

@marcymarcy Might want to talk to you in the near future about Homebrew Website Club meetups @ The Living Room.

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@dentonjacobs Awesome! Look forward to meeting you there.

“There's no such thing as normal; everybody's weird.”

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Welcome aboard!

Note to self: Watch Generation Like.

foreach ( hours_until_Portland )
	excitement = excitement * 2;
	productivity = productivity / 2;

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@girlvsplanet: I'm sure they'll play one or three hometown shows after that tour. :) Pretty sure they did with the Clarity anniversary tour.

Ann Coulter is still a thing?

Tickets acquired for Jimmy Eat World’s Futures 10 year anniversary tour!

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Yes! Looking forward to meeting everyone at IndieWebCamp 2014.

Joomla: We make WordPress look good.

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This is looking great! I'm leaving this comment on the same fragmention as Ryan just to see if anything blows up. :]

This is my first note.

There are many like it on the indieweb, but this one is mine.

Federated comment thread. This is pretty rad.

faroffplanet faroffplanet on
Too nice outside. Going fishing.

@faroffplanet: "I'm UP!"

sending my first tweet, discussing rodent's knees weeping, crazy parents, and about to doze off.

is: happy for the first snow of the winter.

is: looking forward to Bazbeaux Pizza tomorrow, and some rock 'n roll afterwards.

is: really really - really - ridiculously good-looking.