Close up of a bottle of Smirnoff vodka with a hand-written label covering it,

Re-upping this. I originally made it in 2013, but seems like it’s always relevant.

Group photo. Left to right: Jeeves in a yellow cap and yellow sunglasses pointing at the camera like the cool '90s dude he was; Matt in a white polo; Luke in a yellow cap and red shirt; Katt with pinkish hair, green top, jeans, leaning on my shoulder; me in a rainbow-colored tall hat, maroon shirt, hand on my chin looking thoughtfully upwards; and a dude I do not remember in a blue shirt

Throwback to June 1998 at Creation Festival East. This is where I first met Jeeves (on the left in the yellow glasses). Katt was one of my earliest online friends and this was the first time we met in person. I wore fun hats at the time. As you can see, we were all pretty cool.

I was interning at Teen Mania Ministries at the time and in lieu of going on a mission trip that summer, Matt (in the white shirt) and I road tripped to a few music festivals to promote Acquire The Fire events. Jeeves was considering the internship and I think meeting us helped convince him. Sorry? 🤣

I also hit it off really well with Luke (in the red shirt). We ran into him at a couple of the festivals we went to. I think he was in a band named Little Flock. Unfortunately, I lost track of him in the following years.

Original photo by Jeeves

An old ambulance with some letters removed on the side so it reads

Bula? Bula? Bula? Bula?

The jetty at the beach with the sun moments before it set. The sky is full of patchy clouds.
A volleyball net on the beach with some palm trees behind it and the same patchy clouds in the sky. The clouds have pink highlights from reflecting the sunlight minutes after the sunset.

Sunset at Mission Beach. San Diego is alright.

A smiling selfie at the beach with the ocean in the background. I'm wearing a black Five Iron Frenzy t-shirt with text
A rainbow-colored Christmas tree set up on the beach
A view looking down the beach with bright blue sky and whispy clouds. Ocean on the left, beach on the right, and people walking
A lone seagull chilling on the beach

Happy Christmas from the beach! I made the difficult, last-minute decision not to travel this holiday due to the high COVID transmission levels currently (see Decided to make the best of the day with some beach time, though!

1. My mug at the beach 😎

2. I met a guy who had set up this rainbow-colored Christmas tree. He said it had sort of become a tradition since the pandemic. Love it!

3. Others enjoying the lovely day

4. After walking for a while, I sat down to write and read some. This seagull pal (seapal?) chilled about 10 feet from me for a while.

I know this is a difficult time for a lot of people. I hope you got to experience some moments of joy today, though. 💛

Fall leaves on the sidewalk with a bit of a green bush visible in the top right corner
Sunset on the beach

1. San Diego can have little a fall, as a treat.

2. They took an hour from us but at least I can still enjoy this.

Me with Isha. My 'I <3 NY' shirt is positioned in a way that it looks like a red circle
Allison, Isha, and me
Me with Isha. This time I'm making a dorky face. My 'I <3 NY' shirt is positioned in a way that it looks like a red circle

Throwback to 2007-04-28 at Radio Radio for the Wolfy, Cabin, and Little Voice show with Isha and Allison. I think this is one of my first pictures with Isha. This was only a couple weeks before my heart incident too. Whoa.

We were so young. I miss going to shows with Indianapolis friends.

Original photos by Allison

black and white photo of four guys standing in an alley with an archway above them reading 'Oddfellows Alley'

Throwback to 2008-08-03. Oddfellows, indeed. Left to right: me, Greg, Alex, and Ian.

Original photo by ishkid

Selfie wearing a pink-ish shirt, my head tilted to the right
Selfie wearing a blue shirt, my head tilted to the left

Looking forward to seeing Barbie this weekend. Poll: should I wear the pink(ish) or the blue? I know pink is usually a guy color but maybe we can reclaim blue?

selfie while wearing a white KN95 mask, sitting in the cardiologist's waiting area

I was at my cardiologist today for a routine check-up and did not see a single person masked. I saw three nurses/staff behind the desk and four patients in the waiting area. The other patients all appeared to be ages 60+. Neither of the people who saw me in the patient room were masked. Again, this was in a cardiologist’s office at the hospital.

If I look exhausted, it’s because I am. I feel so alone.

poster of a woman wearing a mask on a yellow background with text at the top 'DO NO HARM' and text at the bottom 'Keep Masks in Healthcare. Wearing a mask is harm reduction. Protect your community.'

We should not have to worry about getting COVID while receiving healthcare and workers should not have to fear contracting it at work. We know that COVID is airborne, people can be infectious without showing symptoms, and two-way masking is effective at reducing its spread.

The People’s CDC has some great resources and action materials. Check out their website, specifically “Keep Healthcare Safe” under the “Actions” menu. You can contact your governor, county health officials, and healthcare executives to tell them they should make masking the new infection control standard for healthcare.

In the meantime, please continue masking indoors and in crowded outdoor spaces. This is an act of love and reciprocal care. We are interdependent and there is no individualizing of risk during these times.

Art credit: @schmutzparty on Twitter who said to “take, share, and distribute widely.” A high resolution version is also available.

screenshot of hospital bed occupancy in Southern California

While we lose more tools for tracking #COVID transmission levels, I found that HHS is still publishing hospital capacities weekly. Here’s a screenshot of SoCal data from today.

So many over 90% full and the vast majority over 60% full.

this is fine


Downtown San Diego with fog obscuring the tops of some buildings

Foggy downtown

recent selfie

I usually tend to take selfies right after getting a haircut. I realized I hadn’t posted my face on here in a while, so here you go.

Silversun Pickups on stage with purpley-blue lighting
Silversun Pickups on stage with blue lighting
Silversun Pickups on stage with red lighting

There was some strong bisexual lighting at the Silversun Pickups concert last fall.

the theater before Moulin Rouge started. On the left, a windmill with white lights covering it. The stage curtain has a large heart in the middle and a large neon sign of 'Moulin Rouge' suspended in front of it. On the right, an elephant statue in blue lighting. Bright red lighting on the whole stage.

Moulin Rouge is one of my favorite movies and the musical was so good! I loved how they included newer (and some older) songs in the mashups to keep it fresh. Great performances all around and the set was spectacular. I highly recommend it if you get a chance to see it! Give the cast recording a listen, too.

Had a great time seeing it last weekend with Joe and Kelly.

looking up at a tree with bright yellow blooms and green leaves, contrasted against a bright blue sky

Looking for the bright side. Gold medallion trees in bloom.

two pug dogs sitting in a car, one in the driver's seat, parked beside a Starbucks

2. They really let anyone drive in California

a window screen of character Michael Scott (The Office) in the rear window of a car

3. Somehow I carpool

selfie wearing a black face mask and red sunglasses with flower decorations while sitting under an orange umbrella

Pandemic chic from April 2021. Sunglasses borrowed from Laurie.

recent selfie

This is XLIII.

Ok, a minor cheat. This is from like two weeks ago, but I liked it.

I’ve been at Mommer’s for the holiday and we’ve been going through some photos. I haven’t seen some of these in 20+ years, so I thought it would be fun to share gRegor through the years:

me wearing green oval sunglasses

2. In case you were wondering if I was just as cool back in high school ... yes.

This was one of my high school senior photos.

me posing next to a globe with my hand over the top of it

3. Everybody wants to (evangelize) the world.

An outtake from my senior photos that didn’t make the cut for some reason, hahaha. I was really zealous about Christian short-term mission trips back then.

me kneeling next to our dog

4. Young Greg (I didn’t even use an -or back then) with our Pomeranian, Teddy Bear.

me as a bébé

5. I’m bébé. Mommer tells me I was enjoying blueberries.

more cookies

Cookies were made! The infamous nutmeg logs and ginger cremes.