My drawing of 'Darth ASCII'

Meet Darth ASCII.

Tonight I learned about Maxwell Joslyn’s Sith Lord Challenge. The idea is to draw your conception of a Sith Lord, name it, and submit it.

Before I had even looked at other entries, I asked, “do we have to be good at drawing?” to which he replied, “most decidedly not.” In the submission section it mentions you can text it to him, which made me joke, “can we submit ASCII Sith Lords?” And thus the seed for this idea was planted.

I enjoyed the creative challenge of picking characters that would work and am really pleased with the result. The exclamation point for the light saber jumped out right away. Then the A for the body. I first used a u for the lower face and was quite happy when it also made a ventilator. Add umlauts for eyes? Perfect.

Check out Maxwell’s page and submit your own!

This post is brought to you by the letters A, ü, j, C, and punctucation !

Card and envelope which had a smaller card inside. Smaller card reads ‘Are you a magician??? Because abraca-DAYUM’

Yo dawg, we heard you like cards so we put a card inside your card.

The small card is about 3 inches and was inside its own tiny envelope. Many thanks to Isha for these. <3


Joe, Suze, gRegor, and Simon in front of a painting of David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust

We had a good time at the second Homebrew Website Club San Diego meetup last night.

two boxes of medicine; left one labeled 'Leg Cramps' and right one labeled 'Restful Legs'

TV announcer: Are your legs feeling just fine? Try Leg Cramps! Legs feeling too cramped? Try new Restful Legs!

me sitting on my red couch

Happy New Year from my couch. I was told I look cute so figured I’d share.


New haircut, old head

Me standing in front of a small picture of @infiniteelliott

I got a picture with this “life-size” photo of @infiniteelliott at the creators meetup he organized.

He premiered his new YouTube/IGTV show, @elliottandsergio. It should be out in the next week or so. It looks like it will be really good and I’m not just saying that because I may have a small clip in it. He’s a talented creator and it’s cool to see the things he’s doing already, just barely out of high school.

round, yellow canola field with a sliver that looks like a mouth

Pac-Man is eating houses in Montana.

I'm told this is a canola field. Taken as I was flying in to Kalispell.

stop sign with an up arrow pointing at a jacaranda tree, against a blue sky

Stop and smell the jacaranda trees

neon sign reading “You’re weird, but I love you”

I would prefer “and,” but I still like the sentiment.

Latergram from the hotel in Austin in February.

myself with new haircut wearing a black shirt with text 'hope still flies'

New haircut, who dis?

We found a Science Mike after the Gungor show last night!

These lovely people are new friends from the Liturgists Singles group. @mikemchargue and @michaelgungor host The Liturgists podcast. Michael is also in the band Gungor, as his name suggests. So members of our group from around the country have been respectfully stalking — er, “sharing breath with” — the band on this final tour. Last night was their finale show in LA. It was fantastic; a moving and spiritual experience.

close-up of myself wearing sunglasses on the beach
First beach day for me this year

Celebrated this cool lady’s birthday tonight and briefly stole her shades. Happy birthday, @starwalker5!

I was the tits for about 15 minutes tonight at a white elephant gift exchange when I got this amazing ornament. Then someone stole it from me. That’s okay, I know I’m still the tits.

Check out @ra.makes profile, which has a link to her Etsy shop so you can buy your own.

Me outside wearing sunglasses

It’s been a minute. Hello and happy Christmas.

♫ It feels good to be a gangsta

@ Hungry Horse Dam, Montana

Throwback to 2014 when I met and pet a reindeer on a leash in Seward, Alaska.

I saw Beach House this past Sunday with Sarah Walker. They performed entirely in silhouette with some gorgeous lighting.