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The first person to look at my Chicago apartment applied for it. This is all going very smoothly so far. #BellinghamBound

I'm back, Chicago. Thanks for getting rid of most of the snow.

@Skirts Holy crap, Favstar famous lady. Good jorb.

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@girlvsplanet Uh, I met a girl that lived in Washington. :] @macleaney

At least until I convince @macleaney to move to Chicago. Not sure she can handle the cold though.

Guys, today is the last time I fly back to Chicago as my home destination.

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@girlvsplanet @jdragz @planetvoss @indiana_mama @MsSwank There's early talk of it being nominated for best-looking picture.

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Well, I have a lease in Bellingham, WA starting April 15th!

“I can’t rap to Coldplay.” — @macleaney

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@MsSwank I think it's four hours. Not bad at all. Definitely plan to go back there.

My delayed flight is leaving from gate L8.

Well-played, ORD.

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@niclake April 24th

Officially sent my decline for renewing the lease.
Flying to WA tomorrow to hunt for apartments.
It's getting real!

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S7 is a pretty bad start (I was hating it), but I did like how it pulled through in the second half. Only season that didn't have the creator and it shows.

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@thelovelygirl Yep. You should join!

“So now we know the Swedish word for ‘fraction’.” #winetoreach

Happy birthday, @indiana_mama^2!

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The llama thing was about a couple llamas that escaped and caught national attention. CNN even had a llama in the studio last night.