gRegorLove little g big R

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@indiana_mama Haha. Good times.

Already handled with @BarclaycardUS. Good job on the quick notification and handling of sending a new card.

Wee, my first credit card defrauding. $640 swiped in Indy today. I still have the card, meaning someone created a fake card with my account.

.@sarah5 is awesome.

I know it's a Buzzfeed link, but still click it:

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@niclake ::sips coffee::

Tell me more.

Actually, it's about ethics in coffee consumption.

Idea: overtake 8chan's goobergate board /gg/ with Gilmore Girls posts.

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@purekatherine Haha, awesome!

I wonder what @purekatherine thinks of this mashup

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@nrrrdcore Happy birthday! I wasn't sure if this was on your list or not:

It's Friday! New @RELEVANTpodcast day!

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I just saw her perform last night and it was fantastic. She’s coming to the west coast soon; recommended.

.@MyBrightestDmnd was so good last night. Indianapolis, you should definitely go see her next week. @jdragz @msswank

Join us for Homebrew Website Club next Wednesday! cc @pitchdesign @marihuertas @dentonjacobs

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@SistaCrumpet OK, honorable mention then. :]

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@SistaCrumpet You win "Grossest Tweet of the Day" (so far).

OH: "I don't use the self-checkout because I don't want to take away someone's job."

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@sniequest Mine is tacos.

Currently watching on repeat: h/t @mikesacco