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@cacheflowe Not sure if my mention notifies you, so passing along this request here, too:

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I realize that, but it could still be a good step? Info on filing complaint with CA Bar:

And I bet @phototypical is interested in attending, as a result. :]

Note: Homebrew Website Club is moved to Native Foods Cafe tonight: @kartik_prabhu @pitchdesign @dentonjacobs

@kartik_prabhu @pitchdesign @dentonjacobs Also, sorry I was not very on top of this, this week.

@kartik_prabhu @pitchdesign @dentonjacobs Need to change venues for Homebrew Website Club tonight. How about Native Foods Cafe on Milwaukee?

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@Skirts Ooh, gold-plated tweets. Fancy.

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@ThatMissKitty I guess worse things happen at sea.

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@Skirts Whoa. Did you use "the trilogy" NOT in reference to LOTR?

@ThatMissKitty I like the new profile photo. Whatcha sellin' there, though?

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@ThatMissKitty Heart-shaped cake?

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Quite! I'm still surprised. Guess it just sits under the skin and they reconnect the leads to it. Boom.

Pacemaker replacement is scheduled for 10/27. It's outpatient surgery and is 4-5 hours from walk-in to Iron Man. Er, walk-out.

Great interview with @TheQuinnspiracy on standing up against harassment and the evolution of gaming.

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Web 1.0 was a blast!

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I think the distinction is that it's two separate passphrases. It's not a matter of brute forcing an n+6 length passphrase (n being the length of your passphrase), but brute forcing a passphrase of length n, then brute forcing a 6 digit number. Both have to happen within 30 seconds. I'm not sure on the actual math to compare the complexities of these two, though. :]

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@girlvsplanet Pshh. Pretty sure we're both old now. :]

Happy birthday, @girlvsplanet!


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