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Happy belated birthday, @SpiffyPop!

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@paulwhit Why base64-encode an MD5 hash?

"They said I could become anything. So I became a pizza." #winetoreach

"That's a weird looking blood splatter." "Although that blood splatter adds a bit of perspective." #winetoreach

@Skirts Join usss. #winetoreach

"derpio! derpio! derpio!" #winetoreach

@macleaney Here's the winetoreach link:

.@winetoreach at 7PM Pacific, 9PM Central:

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@thelovelygirl It was pretty crazy. I'm very thankful to be alive.

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@thelovelygirl Yeah, didn't you know? :]

Pacemaker replacement has been moved to Wednesday instead of Monday. Same Bat-time, same Bat-pacemaker.

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@BeckaFranck Hatee, hatee, hatee ho ♫ Is this for Halloween?

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Congratulations on getting webmention set up!

@cacheflowe Not sure if my mention notifies you, so passing along this request here, too:

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I realize that, but it could still be a good step? Info on filing complaint with CA Bar:

And I bet @phototypical is interested in attending, as a result. :]

Note: Homebrew Website Club is moved to Native Foods Cafe tonight: @kartik_prabhu @pitchdesign @dentonjacobs

@kartik_prabhu @pitchdesign @dentonjacobs Also, sorry I was not very on top of this, this week.

@kartik_prabhu @pitchdesign @dentonjacobs Need to change venues for Homebrew Website Club tonight. How about Native Foods Cafe on Milwaukee?